Business premises in Alberga

The future homebase for your company

We offer business premises for rent that are so good, we’d like to work there ourselves. The facilities come with a functional and modern work environment and a growth platform for developing companies.

Alberga is a popular business destination, and for a good reason. Many appreciate the easy and central location, as well as the fact that all the necessary services are under one roof.

The property is suitable for companies of all sizes that value the well-being and productivity made possible by new types of business premises.

What could your new office look like?

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We will help you find the right office space for your business, where your staff will thrive and feel comfortable. Thanks to Alberga’s common areas and meeting rooms, you don’t need as many squares for your own business space. As your business grows, we can often provide suitable space under the same roof.

Below you can explore the reference implementation of an office space in Alberga. The size of the presented office space is 205 m².

Cozy common areas

Alberga Business Park supports doing things together and also provides space for individuality. The cozy lobby areas are inviting, and the shared meeting rooms serve as an extension of your own business premises.
At Alberga you can also organize events and training sessions effortlessly. Our atmospheric Alberga Loft is ideal for more relaxed events with colleagues or guests. The loft also has a setting for more traditional meetings.

Synergy Lane

The bright atrium, that connects buildings B to E, offers a great space for a break during the day. In this open space, also known as Synergiaraitti or Synergy Lane, you will meet other Alberga tenants, and you might even meet a new business partner or customer.

The Synergy Lane is a living room for albergans, where you can meet with your team or enjoy your lunch.

The space can also be used to organize larger company events.