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On this page you will find a collection of contact information for all of Alberga’s services. For any questions regarding the business park or the property, please contact

For information regarding vacant business premises, please contact Suvi Simolinna or Jaan Laakkonen.

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Contact information for services

Reception Building A

Coor Service Management Oy is responsible for the lobby service in Building A, which is open on weekdays from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.
010 234 3426

Reception Buildings B-E

Coor Service Management Oy is responsible for the lobby service in Buildings B, C, D and E, and is open on weekdays from 7.45am to 4.00pm.
010 234 3555


Property maintenance

You can contact the lobby service for property maintenance and notices of defect. In the evenings and on weekends, notifications are made to Lassila & Tikanoja Oy's service centre.

Ville Salmi, Property Manager
050 464 9372

On-call maintenance and notices of defect
010 636 121

Security services

Securitas Oy is responsible for security and safety.

Customer service and Sales, 24 h
020 491 2000

Alarm centre, 24 h
020 491 2600

Business Park Security Coordinator
020 491 1 (switch)


Restaurant services

Antell Alberga offers a high quality breakfast and lunch on weekdays, as well as café goods. We also offer take away servings. Instructions for ordering catering services can be found on our website.

Opening hours :
Monday- Friday 8.00–15.00
Breakfast 8.00–10.00
Lunch 11.00–14.00
020 770 2090

Meeting, event hosting and sauna facilities

Alberga has stylish meeting rooms for rent and sauna facilities for hosting. Room reservations and catering for events are ordered through the restaurant's Varian system using one’s own login information. The meeting facilities are licensed to sell alcohol.

spray 2


Coor Service Management Oy is responsible for the cleanliness of the property's common areas and business premises.

Minna Pekkinen
Service Manager
050 370 9855

Car Wash

Alberga's parking garage also features a car wash service, Espoo Wash Center.

Yeta Cengis
045 167 6980

flower 06

Indoor greenery and flowers

Green interiors increases the comfort of the spaces and improves air quality. More information about the lobby service. At Alberga, weekly flowers and flowers for events are handled by Kaivokukka.

Sini Pylväinen
020 752 8586


Sanna Kippilä offers relaxing massage services for Alberga tenants.
040 720 6050

Spatial planning & interior design

Pearco Oy's experts help in designing the work environment and business premises.

Kaj Oksanen, Sales Director
050 620 12

Moving services

And when it’s time to move, corporate relocation professionals at Pearco Oy will handle the work for you.

Kaj Oksanen, Sales Director
050 620 12